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Click here to find a summary video about Sacred Space and 2 radio interviews with Teresa Cowan Jones about compassion work

Op-ed on compassion by Teresa Cowan Jones in the AZ Daily Star

Article about Sacred Space in the AZ Daily Star

Article about Sacred Space and Resounding Joy

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For media inquiries, please contact Teresa Cowan Jones at

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Sacred Space Logo


The Tree in the Sacred Space logo is inspired by the Tree of Life symbol in all the world’s mythic traditions and in many cultures. The common theme in Tree of Life imagery is the connection and vitality of all creation. Sacred Space is based on the idea that all of life can realize our connected nature and by extension, care for ourselves, each other and the planet as a sacred whole.   

Sacred Space appreciates how our tree logo can also evoke the image of the Tree of Contemplative Practices, which was designed by Maia Duerr and visually formed by Carrie Bergman. The two roots at the base represent what all of the diverse contemplative practices have in common: connection and awareness. Each branch represents a grouping of contemplative practices, the primary means by which Sacred Space cultivates compassion.  

Sacred Space recognizes that personal growth leads to societal growth. We invite you to find your roots in a spiritual path so that we can collectively nurture consciousness that will serve our local community, just as trees are deeply rooted, nurture the surrounding environment, and are beautiful to behold.