Sacred Space Team

​The core team that implements the Sacred Space gatherings reflect a variety of world views,

spiritual traditions, ethnicities, genders, and ways of life. It includes masters-level teachers and small group facilitators from various wisdom traditions including Buddhism, Sufism, Native American tradition,

Kundalini Yoga, non-dual Hinduism, Shamanism, Judaism, and progressive Christianity. 

Meet the Team

Teresa Cowan Jones


Co-founder & Director

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Diane Call


Co-founder, Teacher

Maria Parham


Co-Founder, Chair of the Board

Peter Woods


Co-Founder, Teacher

Andrew Stocker


Co-Founder,  Musician

Danielle Isabelle-Berrien


Board Member

Clifford Berrien


Board Member

Miriam Palacios


Hospitality Director



Communications Manager

Steve McClure


Board Treasurer

Kim Braun


Board Secretary

Emily Marderness


Public Relations Director

Keith Gorley


Small Group Facilitator

​Jack McDaniel


Deckhand, Bouncer, Engineer

Michael Pellegrino


Small Group Facilitator

Christina Micek


Practice Curator & Small Group Coordinator

Rev. Rosanne Crago


Care Team Coordinator

Sacred Space Teachers

Peter Woods


Dr. Anne Marie Chiasson


Sanjay Manchanda


Diane Call


Natasha Korshak


David Bornstein


John Dore


Teresa Cowan Jones


Peter Woods

Peter Woods is a Sacred Space co-founder and small group facilitator, and has had a private counseling office in Tucson since 2000. He has also worked as a counselor with hospice patients and with Catholic Social Service. Before he began his counseling career, he practiced law for 8 years.

Dr. Anne Marie Chiasson

Dr. Anne Marie Chiasson has spent a number of years exploring and practicing Energy Medicine, which is the ancient art of working with the subtle or energy body to improve health and vitality. Dr. Chiasson, trained by Dr. Andrew Weil, incorporates integrative family medicine along with hands-on healing and other techniques that change, stimulate, add or shift the underlying energy that is associated with the disease process and utilizes the transformational tools of meditation, movement, dream work, psychospiritual counseling, and indigenous healing practices. In addition to her private integrative medicine practice, she teaches and has authored Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self Care.

Sanjay Manchanda

Sanjay Manchanda is a spiritual teacher and therapist who teaches mindfulness meditation and self-inquiry. He has been practicing yoga and meditation for over twenty years. He is also a licensed psychotherapist with a background in Jungian, body-centered and transpersonal therapy, energy healing and neuroscience

Diane Call

Diane Call's journey has been an investigation of the body as a revelatory instrument. Her first love was dance and she studied ballet from age 4-14. She received her BA in film at Bard College, which led to the rediscovery of the art of physical theatre and tutelage with her mentor, with whom she studied for 35 years. She traveled through central America in the late 1980’s with the Institute for International Cooperation and Development as their videographer and participated in a peace walk though the war zone in Nicaragua with Buddhist monks and nuns. Her spiritual studies include multiple Vipassana mediation retreats in the US, Thailand and Myanmar; over 35 years practice of Kundalini Yoga; residence at a European mystery school, and recent study in Aryuvedic medicine. She has taught acting and Kundalini Yoga for ten years and her current focus is founding Temple Sublime Productions, the mission of which is dedicated to creating a culture that recognizes the Sacred in an uplifting vision for humanity and the world.

Natasha Korshak

Natasha Korshak is a long time teacher of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness as well as an ordained Interfaith Contemplative Minister and practicing spiritual director. She is the founder and director of the Sol Center.

David Bornstein

David Bornstein began the practice of Buddhist Meditation in 1997. His time in silent intensive retreat totals over six months, and he has received guidance from many acclaimed western teachers, including Joseph Goldstein, Sally Armstrong, and Anna Douglas. In 2016, he graduated from the Spirit Rock Meditation Center two-year Dedicated Practitioner’s Program, and in May of next year expects to complete the two-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, led by luminaries Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. David co-leads Insight Meditation Tucson, a collective of teachers and practitioners dedicated to the awakening of wisdom and compassion through the practice and study of the Buddha’s teachings. IMT is committed to the deepening of individual practice and the growth of spiritual community.

John Dore

Dr. John Dore taught doctoral candidates in developmental psychology for 30 years, with his own Ph.D. in psycholinguistics. He majored in English as an undergraduate, and later served as an addiction counselor, and as a consultant for hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. Learn more about him at his website: