Coaching & Spiritual Direction

All are encouraged to avail themselves of coaches and spiritual directors in their local area. Also, Sacred Space founder and director, Teresa Cowan Jones, meets with people using either or both modalities, in person, by phone and online, all over the world. Learn more about coaching at  

Spiritual Direction, or Spiritual Companionship, is a meeting of two people to practice deep listening in order to discern ultimate realities of the directee’s life. In spiritual companioning, relationship is developed with the sacred - that which is held dear in terms of human meaning and values, and the focus is on the spiritual journey, with spiritual meaning, as Thomas Merton suggested, “the deepest psychological ground.” Learn more at

Learn more about coaching at  

“Your particular spin on self love, compassion, empathy, community,  and oneness that we share is making a difference! It is quiet, but  impactful! This kind of safe gathering space will eventually lead to  more compassion in communities.”